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Chapter 10 Excerpts

​​                              Make up makes you look old!  There, I said it!  And whoever invented foundation was just insane! Not to mention the Beauty Industry being a complete scam because it is the biggest lie out there!  Who is making billions off our insecurities and......


.....Then explain why a $10 jar of cream, can be just as good as a $500 jar of cream. That is a difference of $490 a month, or at the $10 price an annual cost of $120, versus $6,000. Let's just say for the sake of argument, the cream that works best for you is $50. You can now take the residual disposable income of $450 a month and use it as a car payment, and get a new car!  Hmmm…  Cream or Car? ......


I know you probably think I’m crazy saying your ass is your face, but it is. How you may ask? Well… I’ll tell ya’! If all these creams, we spend so much money on work, then why is it the skin on our asses is smoother than the skin on our face, neck, chest and arms? If you are a sun worshiper and all about the tan, but always tan with a bathing suit or bikini on, take a peek at what the skin looks like on your ass and areas which stay covered.

We've already talked about sun damage, sun block and the skin. So, I will just say, these areas that are protected with clothing look better, because they have not been exposed to the sun as much. The protected skin, is not that way because someone smeared a $500 jar of cream on their asses every night, or used Botox and filler. The reason the skin in those areas have a more youthful appearance, is because it was protected.

One thing you may find in common, with skin and muscle tone, in and around your face and you ass, is it is starting to sag. This is the natural process of aging and is caused by the Earth’s gravitational pull. I have yet to hear of a cream, which has the ability to negate gravity. There may be creams which anesthetize or tighten certain areas, but this is just a temporary effect.

So, back to the "ass is your face" argument. I would love to hear the explanation from an executive of a cosmetic company, as to why this differential exists. It is a reality, because all you have to do is look in the mirror and see the difference. I’m just sayin’, if we look at it logically…

Want to know more, about how the Beauty Industry lies to us, without being held accountable?  What about plastic surgery and why this has become a multi billion dollar business.  And off course, you do not see men running to the store and dropping $500 to $5,000 a month on  beauty products, which do not work and experimenting with surgery to feel better!  Why do WE???

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