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                                                                          Excerpt from Chapter 18... 

... Any time you try to shift the balance of power in any situation, you will always have casualties and great resistance from those in power. Each battle ensues a cost. A war is won, from many battles. The cost of change is every high, as something needs to die off and then be replaced with something else. Change leaders have scarified everything; their livelihood, their future and even their lives. It takes a lot of courage, dedication and sacrifice on their part, to be a catalyst for change and to stand up in the face of adversity. Those who have struggled the most, who learn how to STAND UP in their own way and have the tenacity to do so, are the ones who fly the highest. It does not matter how close they fly to the sun, as their wings are not made of wax, but of gold and steel. So, you need to decide if you want to lead, follow or get out of the way. Just don’t get in the way. What we do and how we present ourselves as a collective body, will impact future generations of women. There is great strength in unity.

We have gone through battles generationally and we will continue to battle, but make no mistake, it is a war between the genders. We are looking for, as women, a complete upset in the balance of power, based on gender. We must also decide, on how the landscape will change. What is it, we want to accomplish? There will always be women who will jump ship. There will always be women who become corrupted, by the corrupted. If it’s just about the money for you, then it is what it is. But if it’s something more, then let it be about something more. It is an individual and personal choice. Bottom line, ask yourself; do I want to be like Oprah or do I want to be a good old boy when I grow up?

Those women of colour, who have moved up the ladder, who equate themselves with white women in the current status quo, may think it is now an even playing field.  But, I can assure you, it is only ½ the battle.  That is because, we are all equal in the fact, that we stand on the first step together, on a 100-story staircase.  Why? Those in power positions will fight back, and the majority of the power still lies with men in our economy and country. The fight will be resistance, you may be attacked personally through blogs and the internet, abuse against women may escalate as will crime against women, you will be bullied and the media will put their own spin on what we are trying to do. You will attract assholes who hate on anyone who tries to accomplish something, and they will come out of the woodwork. People will tell lies about you and some of the people closest to you, will betraying you.  Social change comes at a price and it will get bloody.Those in power will do anything and everything to stop change, because 


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