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Excerpt from a note to Steve Harvey, Author of "Act Like a Lady ~ Think Like a Man"


Chapter 13 states, and I quote; "STRONG, INDEPENDENT--- AND LONELY WOMEN", as if those traits are incongruent with a life of happiness. I get that this is your view on strong, successful and independent women, but I think you are either misinformed or just don’t get it. I can guarantee you, a successful and strong female is not necessarily lonely. That there is not always a tradeoff, for a female, when it comes to independence, success and a fulfilling personal life.Also, you have no idea what it’s like to be a female in the corporate environment, or in any male dominated profession. We have to do twice the work and get paid 25% less, than any man in the same position, in order to be successful. While it would be great to come home to a man and be ....

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