or Sit Down, Shut Up & Learn Something

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 ....Manners are not a sign of weakness. Someone who has manners, is actually showing you a certain level of respect. These days, men shy away from manners, because in the past they’ve been yelled at for opening a door for a female. The man is not opening the door, because he thinks you can’t open the door, he’s doing it out of common courtesy and a sign of respect. It’s the same thing, when pulling out a chair for a lady at the table, or giving up their seat on the bus or train. I adore a man who has manners, and I do not know of a female who does not. It means he was raised in a family, that cared about how they treated other people. When a man shows you a sign of respect, thank him for it, do not admonish him for it, and do the same in return.If you’re out on a date remember....

My name is not “Honey” unless we know each other on a very personal level. My name certainly is not “Honey”, in the workplace. Calling me honey is the same as grabbing my ass. If a man has forgotten my name, he should call me Miss, or ask what my name is. Please, don’t allow a man to use the term “old school”, as an excuse to diminish you or talk to you like a piece of meat. What if I came up to a man and said “Hey beef-cake, can you help me out with this spreadsheet”? Of course, it would be inappropriate.

Where do I begin? Catcalling has never been acceptable under any circumstance, or in any period in time. Females are not animals and should not be treated as such. Whistling at us is completely out of line. If a man feels the need to whistle, he should do it when he’s hailing a taxi. Yelling adjectives at us, as we walk by, is just plain rude. I mean honestly, do men really think they look cool? And what is it with those noises they make; grunting, mooing, squealing, or any other barnyard sounds? Do they really think these are complements?  AND, another thing is.....

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