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And who are they cheating with?  Other females! ​

Chapter 5 Excerpt...

For me, this guy is the hardest to deal with, and the one I give the least slack to. It’s one thing to be raised by a strong female, and for him to adore and respect his mother. But, and this is a big “BUT”, when you have a man who - at a moment’s notice - will drop everything and run to his mother’s rescue, it’s an issue. If he is always on her side no matter what, will allow her to insult you, to pry into and influence your lives to her liking, then this man has a very dysfunctional relationship with his mom.

I can’t only blame the guy for this type of behavior, because the female who brought him up had the hand in what sort of man he turned out to be. This is a female, who had a child with a man and then when things didn’t work out with the father, married or not, substituted her son as a pseudo-husband. This is a female who may be jealous of any relationship, with any female, who takes the focus and attention off of her. She has probably been drilling into him, since he was a kid, it’s only them against the world and she has sacrificed everything for him. From the beginning, she has built up his ego as being the "man of the house" and the only one she can depend on. If it wasn’t for him, she would just fall apart.

With that being said, as this boy becomes a man, he is exposed to healthy relationships. He has friends who have relationships, where their partner and mom get along just fine. This guy just cannot, and will not, stand up to his mom and lay down some boundaries. Depending on the man, you need to decide if it is worth staying around, for a little while, to see if he does set boundaries. You can assure him, you are not trying to take his mom's place, which would just be weird anyway. That growing up and becoming an independent person, is not the same as growing apart, and having healthy relationships with autonomy, is a testament to what a great job his mom did, in raising him.

A man who is separating himself from his mother, in order to start a family of his own, will do so within the first few months of the relationship, anyway. If this does not happen and if you choose to stay with him, then you’re also choosing to be a part of their dysfunctional relationship, which is going to spill over into your life, and make you miserable. Your life with him and his mother, will be difficult at best.People know when there is a problem in their lives, it then becomes a question of if they can find a way to overcome. If the answer is no, then the question becomes ~ can I live with it? If the answer is no ~ you need to cut and run

This may upset you, but I cannot hate on this guy. In fact, I would probably get along great with him, even call him "friend". This is a guy who thinks life is a playground, is a ton of fun and women are candy in a candy store. He is "The Playboy". He usually has a great sense of humor, is a man's man, has a mischievous personality and into practical jokes. This is a guy who dates multiple females at the same time. He usually doesn’t take things seriously, simply because...

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