or Sit Down, Shut Up & Learn Something

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Excerpt from the final chapter...

What I’ve written here can bring about a lot of emotions. I understand I am responsible for what I say within these pages. I am the one who decided to put my thoughts and my voice on paper, and do not take it lightly. I decided to create a book and seek to publish it. I also knew, that I was probably picking a fight. I am the one, to be held accountable for what I say. What I won’t tolerate, is a personal attack. It’s okay if you disagree with me or what I have said, just do not come at me from the left side of your mouth. If you wish to engage in debate, fine. But, I am not getting down in the gutter with anyone who lives there, and I will not lower my standards of converse for anyone. Not anymore.  And if you want to watch a movie, about women who stood up in the face of adversity, with style and grace, watch “Hidden Figures”.  A testament to the righteousness of female strength, and females who had hearts of warriors. That is who I would like to aspire to be, the same as them.